about me hi hi!! im evere, i go by she/her pronouns and im bi. im a cancer ++ isfj. seasian fil/eng ok!

byf very talkative, i mostly talk about my interests/may rant sometimes, im ia when im at school, might make nsfw and kys jokes !! (only if we're close) but feel free to tell me if it makes you uncomfy. i also curse alot and mostly type in caps. mix of filo + eng tweets, some of my tweets are also satire !! feel free to educate me.

dnf you fit the basic dni criteria, pro israel, proshipper, HEAVY ON NSFWTWT, shtwt, edtwt, and if we dont have any common interests. no specific age range just dont be weird. (nothing much rlly, autoblock if i find u weird)

note feel free to tell me if i make you uncomfy or anything like that ! >_<

interests k/jpop, genshin impact, honkai starrail, honkai impact 3rd, project sekai, bandori, jujutsu kaisen & much much more!!

LOVELOVE fast food, rainy days, sweets, ramen (literally anything pasta), i LOOVE mac & cheese, sleeping, my friends, music, games, reading, anime, manhwa/hua/ga, kpop, taking care of children, and im also slightly interested in cars!!
HATEHATE sweating, hot weather, workload, arguing, crowded places, and being embarrassed in public.

@hevabis on cord :D & @evvenings priv
Tiny Skull Crossbones